Big Sur

Hippy X TA
Bred by Allred/Elliott

After a week of visiting with the finest breeders Oklahoma has to offer and much deliberation, we were able to obtain our top ram pick. There has not been a single day that this ram did not exceed our expectations. A premium specimen of rugged beauty, just as his name sake area of California coastline is often described. He is blown apart in his skeletal design while maintaining an elegant chest floor and shoulder. As if that is not enough, he also offers a big grooved up rack and an explosive stifle. He will sire the kind that are hard to beat!



Tank x Supreme
Bred by Hewlett

This buck proved his value in his 2014 lamb crop after we leased him from Hewlett's in 2013, we decided he needed to be a permanent part of our program. He is structurally correct from end to end and top to bottom. He consistently stamps out the right kind. We look forward to seeing how his daughters perform in our program, through some solid line breeding. 



Captain America

*AI Sire*
Real Steel X Mudcat
Viking Genetics



Hardcore Driller X Composure
Bred by Allred/Elliot



King Pin X World Wide (31 x 411)
Bred by Allred/Elliot



Sherman X Haggard


Even Up

Just Right X Focus
Bred by Hewlett Club Lambs



Signature X Balistic
Bred by Begalka, used by Hewlett Club Lambs


Road Rage

Intersate X White Ceaser
Bred by Hewlett Club Lambs


Just Right

Despain 57 X Cabaniss Ewe
Bred by Ott, used by Hewlett Club Lambs

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